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TNH can give you your dream pool!

    TNH Pool Service meets all of your pool needs, from cleaning, to maintenance and repairs! Not only do we provide excellent, quality work, but we treat our customers as if they were family. Our quick response time, 24 hour emergency service, and 1 year warranty provide our loyal customers with the peace of mind in knowing that all of their pool needs will be taken care of.

    Our pool cleaning service includes checking water and chemical levels, checking equipment, net cleaning and vacuuming, brushing the tile and walls, back washing filters, cleaning baskets, and adding chemicals as needed. The price for cleaning once a week is $40 plus chemicals, and twice a week is $60 plus chemicals.
    We provide a water analysis service as well, which includes checking the water and chemical levels, cleaning skimmer and pump baskets, back washing filter, and adding chemicals as needed. Price is $20 plus chemicals.
    Our filter service, which includes cleaning, maintaining, or replacing filters, varies in price from $25 – $170.
    We also service salt water pools! Salt water pools have salt cells that need regular maintenance as well. Our salt cell cleaning service includes the tear down, inspection, and cleaning. Prices range from $25 – $85 depending on the type of salt cell and the degree of cleaning required.
    Not only do we clean and maintain your pools to keep them looking beautiful and swim-ready 24/7, but we also do repairs. Repairs include pumps, heaters, filters, cleaners, plumbing and valve leaks, automation/controls and timers, lighting, salt systems and other sanitation alternatives, tile, and much, much more! Prices depend on service being provided.
Please call to schedule your free estimate or tell us which service you would like!
Please call Tom on (918)234-6432
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