About Homwurx-John Rogers(Principal Inspector)

For many of us, the purchase of a home will be the most expensive investment we make. And, just as with any other large purchase you would make, you want to do your homework and due diligence to make certain your new home is good repair.

This is where a licensed and knowledgeable home inspector can really help you. Aesthetics and curb appeal aside, your home contains some fairly complicated and expensive systems to repair or replace. Older homes may have some safety issues that may need to be addressed prior to move-in. What may have been accepted building practice many years ago, may not be the best practices for today.

How much information you know and have about the items and systems within your home can help guide you in making a good decision about your purchase.

Our background experience includes residential and commercial architectural design, structural framing, concrete slab and foundation work, residential /industrial electrical installation and repair, HVAC installation, roofing/flashing installation and repair, housing code inspection for the City of Tulsa, and 15 years in Certificate of Occupancy and safety inspections with fire departments in Oklahoma and Georgia.

home inspections TulsaOur team also performs Commercial Property inspections, and have an extensive history in large industrial construction projects. Some of my larger past projects include seismic dampening components for Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino, California; and collaborating with engineers of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for installation of fireproofing and architectural products for the replacement International Arrivals/Departure Terminal at both John F. Kennedy Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Our goal here at Homwurx is to provide each and every one of our customers with a quality inspection that points out not only the defects and safety issues we discover during our walk through, but one that also highlights the good parts of the building too. A building is the sum of many components and systems, and just because one aspect may need repairs or replacement doesn’t mean that the rest of building is not worth having. As a home buyer, sometimes a system in need of replacement may help you negotiate a lower price with the seller.

Though we always provide you with a detailed written report with pictures, I encourage all of my customers to walk through the property with me as I inspect. This allows you as the buyer
or seller to ask questions about items or systems during the inspection, and allows me a chance to help educate you in a “hands on” discussion in real time, rather than after the fact.

If you ever have a question or need advice about your home, home maintenance, or about any of the systems in your home please call us. We are always happy to help you out if you are unsure about something.



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