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theduckAflac Inc. is an American insurance company and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States, founded in 1955 and based in Columbus, Georgia. In the U.S., Aflac underwrites a wide range of insurance policies, but is perhaps more known for its payroll deduction insurance coverage, which pays cash benefits when a policyholder has a covered accident or illness.
Aflac is a Fortune 500 company, providing financial protection to more than 50 million people worldwide. When a policyholder or insured gets sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits fairly, promptly and directly to the insured. For nearly six decades, Aflac voluntary insurance policies have given policyholders the opportunity to focus on recovery, not financial stress.

Income-Loss Protection

  • Short-Term Disability**
  • Life (term, whole)***

Asset-Loss Protection

  • Accident***
  • Cancer**
  • Critical Illness***
  • Hospital Intensive Care**

Supplemental Medical

  • Hospital Indemnity***
  • Dental***
  • Vision**
**Available as individual product only
***Available in both individual and group products. Benefits of group and individual products may vary.
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